Let’s create an economy that works for us all.

Join us at the Economics of Happiness conference to discuss, discover and devise better systems for now and the future. Get involved in a new project. Find out how to make your work more effective. Link up with local initiatives. Explore new policies. Deconstruct the old. See the connections. Articulate solutions. Get engaged in creating the New Economy – one that works for people and the planet!


This conference is organized by local activists, with support from Local Futures. Local Futures has hosted a number of Economics of Happiness Conferences around the world, including in the US, India, Australia, Italy, and South Korea.

For more information about Local Futures, the Economics of Happiness program and conferences, please visit www.localfutures.org.

The conference program will include plenaries, panels, interactive workshops and other participatory sessions. The wide range of inter-connected topics will include: the New Economy movement, income inequality, local food and regenerative agriculture, public policy, local business, cooperatives, Transition Town initiatives, community-sourced finance, connection to nature, education, intentional communities, climate and environmental justice, and the impact of the economy on our psychological well-being.


Visit www.localfutures.org to learn more about the global movement for an economics of happiness.

Local Futures